2017 Annual Meeting

Evening Specialty Conference
Gynecologic Pathology

Lower Genital Tract Carcinomas in the Post-HPV Vaccination Era

March 9 2017, 7:30pm to 9:30pm

C. Blake Gilks, MD
Kay Park, MD - Brooke Howitt, MD - Anthony Karnezis, MD, PhD, FRCPC - Kenneth Batts, MD - Hugo M. Horlings, MD, PhD

Pre-Meeting Materials

Case 1

Kay Park, MD

Clinical History:

59 year old female with several month history of watery vaginal discharge. Radical hysterectomy was performed and showed no obvious exophytic mass. Cervix was enlarged and firm, entirely submitted for histologic examination. Scanned slide is representative from the cervix.

Pertinent Laboratory Data:

History of normal Pap tests, most recent 8 months ago, HPV negative. Immunohistochemical profile of tumor: p16 focal, CEA(m) positive, ER/PR negative, CK7 diffusely positive, CK20 focally positive, CDX2 focally positive, PAX8 positive.

Morphological Findings (click to enlarge):

Case 2

Brooke Howitt, MD

Clinical History:

A 75 year old female presents with an 8.5 cm pedunculated vulvar mass. She has had a longstanding (>10 years) history of lichen sclerosus and vulvar masses, variably interpreted as condyloma, verruciform hyperplasia, and verruciform differentiated vulvar intraepithelial neoplasia (VIN). A representative slide of the current mass is presented for review.

Morphological Findings (click to enlarge):

Case 3

Anthony Karnezis, MD, PhD, FRCPC

Clinical History:

73-year-old with thickening in region of clitoris

Morphological Findings (click to enlarge):

Case 4

Hugo M. Horlings, MD, PhD

Clinical History:

54 year old woman with right vulvar mass of 4.5 cm who underwent a partial vulvectomy

Morphological Findings (click to enlarge):

Figure 1 H&E
Figure 2 H&E
Figure 3 H&E
Figure 4 H&E


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